Data Workflow Developer

About Intersect

Intersect is an early stage financial technology company developing a software platform and analytic tools that integrate climate change, resources, and technology innovation into portfolio strategy, asset allocation, and fund management. Our prototype software is built on a world-class body of proprietary data and algorithms.

What you will work on

  • Define and build ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) processes for getting data into a form used for analysis.
  • Play a role in the development and implementation of analytic tools that quantify the impact of climate change, environment, resources, and technological change on the financial performance of companies and securities.
  • Be involved with an early stage product with a great roadmap and significant impact on the financial industry, and on redirecting capital flows into sustainable assets.

Minimum Qualifications

  • A current undergraduate in Computer Science, Physics, or equivalent science, engineering, or mathematics degree.
  • Computer programming skills (ideally using Python) to manipulate data in a SQL Database.
  • SQL / relational database experience.
  • Experience working with large data sets, and storing and querying / joining structured data.
  • Be able for work up to 20-hours a week, at least 4 hours each week in Intersect’s Downtown Durham offices.
  • Comfortable in an entrepreneurial environment and willingness to play a versatile role in a small team.

Additional Qualifications

  • Experience with Amazon Redshift database.
  • Experience with Amazon AWS products and services.
  • We encourage candidates bringing diversity — including with regard to race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation — for this position.

More background on Intersect

Our target customers in the financial services industry are large asset owners (pension funds, sovereigns, endowments) and the firms that manage their assets — asset managers, investment managers, fund managers, quantitative investment research groups, investment consultants, etc. We are building a platform that combines bottom up fundamental analysis with machine learning and artificial intelligence platform to inform investors on thematic risks across asset classes, sectors, and geographies, and ultimately to enable “climate-resilient alpha” and “climate-resilient beta” investment strategies. Our software leverages world-class data and algorithms licensed from McKinsey.

The software we’re creating, rather than requiring a McKinsey team with PhD data scientists and weeks of expensive consulting, can run hundreds of scenario outputs in milliseconds. We combine McKinsey’s proprietary research with best-in-class additional data sources and systematize it. The Intersect engine uses advanced data science that’s up to standards of the best quant research analysts, but its visualizations of climate-related ramifications for sectors such as transportation, metals and mining, manufacturing, and IT are easily understandable by a CIO or investment committee. Need for our product is driven by massive growth in commitments by pension funds, endowments, and family offices to divest from carbon-intensive holdings and reinvest in climate solutions — $3.3 Trillion in new commitments last year – and by intense competition between financial services providers to capture those assets under management.

We have initial seed funding, a prototype built with Python and MongoDB, and active discussions underway with several prospective beta partners. Our team includes very active advisors with world-class data science and investment capabilities and a track record of starting and growing successful companies.
The company is based in the American Underground on Main Street in Durham, North Carolina, USA.


  • $10 to $15 an hour depending on experience.

To apply

Send resume and cover letter to